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Driver Services

Helping drivers to get the best driving job possible!

The carriers that have the highest paying and better driving positions have a choice on the drivers they hire. Hiring the best possible drivers, they can find. Are you the best and can you convey that to the carrier? They also have a process and DOT regulations to satisfy that takes time to work through. The better prepared you are to supply required information and answer questions the faster the process works.

Are you ready for the interview?

  • Do you have the information you will need to correctly complete a DOT application?
  • What does your resume’ look like?
  • What will you be asked during the interview and can you answer the questions?
  • What are trucking companies looking for in a driver?
  • Are you up to speed on DOT regulations?
  • Do you know what the PSP is and what does your PSP look like? This Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration “DOT” driver record has become important to carriers in the driver hiring process.
  • Do you understand CSA and how it has changed the trucking industry?

I have been hiring drivers to fill some of the best driving jobs available for the past 35 years. I have conducted hundreds of interviews and directly making the hiring decisions that said yes or no to the applicant getting the job. Let me help you get ready to get the job you have been waiting for.

I will work with you to make sure you have all the information you will need when you go for the interview and need to complete the driver employment application. We will talk about what questions you will be asked during the interview and how to answer them. Some carriers are asking for a resume’ to be emailed in, do you have one? What does it look like? Will yours be enough or provide the information and image to get an interview?

Just a few minutes of your time preparing can make a difference. Making sure you understand the carriers side, what they are looking for, and what information is needed. The carriers that have a choice will move on to the next applicant if you are not ready and can not promptly provide the information they need to meet their hiring requirements.

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