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Small Carrier or Owner Operator Services

Compliance and Safety Help for the Small Operator…. In today’s regulatory environment it is difficult for even a large carrier to keep up with all the Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements, even with well-organized safety and compliance departments. So how does the small operator with one truck or the small fleet with just a few trucks operating without a compliance or safety department keep up with DOT compliance, safety, and risk management? By having an outsource for questions and guidance to ensure your operating with a reduced risk related to non-compliance..

You Focus on Moving Freight and Let Us Help You with DOT Compliance…

How are you complying with? Do have questions regarding:

  • Proof of financial responsibility
  • Driver qualifications and driver files
  • Driver Fitness
  • Drug and Alcohol testing and records
  • Hours-of-Service, records of duty status and supporting documents -E-logs
  • Driver vehicle inspection reports
  • Vehicle maintenance records
  • DOT accident register, accident files and reports
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Training and records
  • CSA
  • Policies and procedures

Let our management team with years of experience in Fleet Operations and DOT Compliance work with you to resolve your questions and reduce the risk of non-compliance. Call today to discuss the challenges you are facing and let us help answer the questions.